322 Modern Warfare 2 developers outline key third-person change ahead of launch

Modern Warfare 2 developers outline key third-person change ahead of launch

Back in September, Call of Duty fans got a glimpse of Modern Warfare 2 with the multiplayer beta.

Apart from the standard 6v6 modes, players got to experience Ground War and a third-person game mode.

Although the Call of Duty community was pleased to return to the Modern Warfare franchise, there were various criticisms.

The new perk system, Dead Silence alerting enemies when used, and the removal of red dots from the mini map are just a few examples.

Now, the development team has shared another change coming to Modern Warfare 2 , and it involves the game’s third-person mode.

The third-person view put a twist on traditional game modes, and playing from a new perspective gave Modern Warfare 2 a fresh feel.

The mode proved popular with players, but it has undergone a notable change since we last got our hands on it.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 third-person change at launch

On October 16, a post was uploaded to the Call of Duty Instagram account, detailing a key change to the third-person mode.

Previously, aiming down sight in the game mode would activate a first-person view.

The post explains that since the beta, only scopes over 4x will see you aim down sight in first-person.

With the change, you’ll have to hip fire your way to victory.

It’s currently unknown how effective aiming down sight with a 4x scope will be in comparison.

We’ll find out when Modern Warfare 2 officially launches on October 28.

The adjustment to the third-person mode is not the only change we’ll see with the launch of Modern Warfare 2. Infinity Ward has also explained that they would explore ways to stop lobbies from disbanding after a match.

In addition, issues in the beta, such as footstep audio and enemy visibility, are expected to be improved.

Modern Warfare 2 third-person game mode change

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