4815 343 to continue helming Halo

343 to continue helming Halo

Developer 343 Industries will continue to work on the Halo franchise.

That’s according to Xbox Game Studios boss Matt Booty, who told Axios that the firm will be heading up the sci-fi shooter series moving forwards. 343 has faced layoffs in recent memory and its most recent title – 2021’s Halo Infinite – did not have the best reception in the world initially. This, Booty says, has changed.

“I feel confident in the leadership team, but the team that got us here is probably not the same team that’s going to take us forward,” he said.

This leadership includes new CEO Pierre Hintze, who took up the position in 2022 and spent a long time helping turn things around with The Master Chief Collection compilation title.

“Look at the quality of [the] Master Chief Collection and know that that core team that did that is doing a lot of the heavy lifting on Halo right now,” Booty explains.

The exec was also asked whether 343 would be open to working with other studios on the Halo franchise, such as Activision Blizzard, which could well be part of the Xbox stable moving forwards.

“If something like that were to happen, it would have to come from the studios,” Booty said.

“It’s unlikely that we would come in and dictate that from the top.”

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