4153 Atari acquisition will let Nightdive "spread our wings"

Atari acquisition will let Nightdive “spread our wings”

Veteran games brand Atari’s acquisition of Nightdive Studios will apparently let it reach its full potential.

That’s according to the developer’s CEO Stephen Kick, who told GI.biz that now it has the financial backing of a large company, it will be able to do things it has not done before. Atari bought Nightdive back in March of this year for $10 million.

“We now have the financial backing to spread our wings, so to speak, and realise the full potential of what Nightdive can do,” Kick said. “And that’s the most exciting thing for us, because as good as our games have been, there is always room to make them better. Especially with the types of games that we tackle.

“There are some famous games from our history that have just been prohibitive for a number of reasons, whether that’s been licensing complexity or financial that will hopefully be cleared up. Maybe we will finally see No One Lives Forever as a result of this, that’s my hope. It would be a dream come true, not only for us, but any one of the fans who have been following Nightdive for this long.”

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