2720 Deathloop has brought in 5m players

Deathloop has brought in 5m players

Arkane Lyon’s Deathloop has been played by over five million people.

That’s according to a post on the game’s official Twitter account, which laid out some stats about which items players have used the most.

Deathloop initially launched for PlayStation 5 and PC back in September 2021 despite Arkane parent company ZeniMax Media having been acquired by Microsoft by this point. The game made its debut on Xbox platforms 12 months later.

Hitting five million players after 17 months on sale is the first indication we’ve had of how the game has performed. There’s no word on how the sales break down across various platforms, but given that Deathloop is in Xbox’s Game Pass subscription service we’re willing to bet that is a considerable slice of the playerbase. 

“From the bottom of all our hearts at Arkane Lyon past and present: thank you for playing Deathloop in the past, present and future, thank you from making it a success, thank you for your passionate feedback and thank you for the emotions leading up to launch,” Arkane Lyon studio director Dinga Bakaba said on Twitter.

“What a crazy ride.”

Bakaba was Deathloop’s creative director but was promoted to the boss Arkane Lyon after the title’s release. 

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