4978 Digital-only Alan Wake 2 gives Remedy more polish time

Digital-only Alan Wake 2 gives Remedy more polish time

Finland’s Remedy is releasing Alan Wake 2 only as a digital launch so that the studio has more time to polish the game.

Speaking to Eurogamer, the developer’s creative director Sam Lake and game director Kyle Rowley said that the title is digital-only release is down to the studio wanting to put out something it can be proud of.

“Yeah, it is digital only, and kind of coming to this idea, both from Remedy and Epic’s perspective, that’s our current thinking,” Lake said.

“It just felt it makes sense for this, and the timing felt right.”

Rowley added: “As creatives obviously, by going digital-only it does allow us more time to polish the game. Like, a significant amount of weeks actually. Because otherwise, the game that goes on the disc, obviously it has to be playable without a patch.”

“We didn’t want to release something that we weren’t proud of basically, and that we didn’t want players to play. So hopefully this way we can give you a better version of the game.”

Alan Wake 2 was announced at The Game Awards 2021, though we only had our first look at the title earlier this year.

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