1279 EA shares six more accessibility patents

EA shares six more accessibility patents

US publishing giant Electronic Arts has added another six parents to its accessibility pledge.

The company’s website for this initiative has been updated to include more concepts and technologies that developers and publishers are free to use.

These include a machine learning system that recommends controller setups depending on how the user is playing and patent that allows players to control non-playable characters via their voice.

There are also patents that all users to players to pair accounts with voice-controlled devices, a virtual joystick that moves based on how the user interacts with a touchscreen, haptic feedback that conveys information on screen and a method of automatically changing colour blindness accessibility settings.

This comes in the wake of EA first starting its Patent Pledge in August 2021, when it made five technologies and concepts open for use by other companies. This included the Ping system from free-to-play battle royale hit Apex Legends.

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