2958 Frontier and Ratloop's Lemnis Gate is shutting down

Frontier and Ratloop’s Lemnis Gate is shutting down

Time-loop multiplayer shooter Lemnis Gate is closing down later this year.

In a statement on the title’s Steam page, developer Ratloop and publisher Frontier Foundry revealed that the game would be shutting down on July 11th. Lemnis Gate will be removed from sale on April 11th.

“We want to thank you all for your support with Lemnis Gate, joining us for many incredible rounds in the loop. We’ve truly loved seeing your passion for the game, the mind-bending strategies you created and how you embraced this innovative twist on the FPS genre,” Ratloop and Frontier wrote.

“Lemnis Gate has been an ambitious project that we are privileged to have brought to life together, so it’s with sadness that we share this news today.”

Lemnis Gate was one of the first titles to be published by Frontier’s Foundry label. The game is the latest live-service title to bite the dust, following in the footsteps of Knockout City, Crossfire X and Rumbleverse.

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