1291 Gameye is sharing its server management tech

Gameye is sharing its server management tech

Multiplayer server specialist Gameye is letting developers and publishers use its tech moving forward.

The company is granting access to the source code of its server management system via a brand new Enterprise Edition. This will allow developers and publishers to balance load across servers, as well as making sure that the best servers for the task are being used. The tech also comes with features such as DDOS protection and other security measures.

“We’ve been building and improving our platform since 2017, managing our customers’ servers and making sure their games run smoothly,” Gameye CEO Sebastiaan Heijne said.

“As the industry evolves, developers want to build bigger and more engaging worlds and platforms. Gameye Enterprise makes this possible, without needing to spend years of dev time and budget working out solutions we’ve already solved.”

Gameye boasts that there is already “a major partner” using Enterprise – though does not name them – and adds that it is in negotiations with other companies.

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