3969 High On Life has attracted 7.5m players to date

High On Life has attracted 7.5m players to date

Squanch Games’ High On Life has brought in more than 7.5 million players since its release in 2022.

There’s no breakdown to show which platforms the title has performed best on, though we’re willing to bet that a lot of the game’s audience has come from Xbox’s Game Pass subscription service.

“With more than 7.5 million unique players, the team here at Squanch Games are beyond thrilled with this initial success,” studio director Mike Fridley said.

“Launching a brand new game property, especially one focused around comedy, is a huge undertaking and we are so grateful for the community’s reactions and feedback. We will continue to listen carefully and are committed to improving, enhancing and growing the experience as we move forward. We also want to thank our amazing friends at Xbox for all of the love and support on the game.”

High On Life debuted at the No.2 spot on Steam back in December, coming second only to Valve’s Steam Deck hardware. The CEO of Squanch Games, Justin Roiland, stepped down from the company in January following domestic violence charges.

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