3452 Konami opens new Osaka studio

Konami opens new Osaka studio

Japanese company Konami has opened a brand new studio in Osaka.

Announced in a release to investors, the firm’s new development outpost is dubbed Konami Osaka Studio and is located in the Osaka Umeda Twin Towers South.

The company says that this is actually a relocation of one of its existing studios and is designed to put “creators first”.

“It is characterized by a well-developed environment where creators can demonstrate their full potential, and is set up in a location with convenient transportation access,” Konami wrote.

“As the major production center in Western Japan, the facility is fully equipped with motion capture equipment and sound studios necessary for product development.”

Konami is also set to open a new research and development centre dubbed the Konami creative Front Tokyo Bay in the Japanese capital. That is set to open its doors in 2025.

This news comes in the wake of reports that Konami was turning to external developers for some of its biggest IP. We’ve already seen some of the fruits of this with a wave of new Silent Hill titles predominantly coming from third-party studios. There are also rumours of a remake of Metal Gear Solid 3 coming from Singapore’s Virtuos.

In early 2021, Konami revealed it was restructuring its development teams and confirmed it wasn’t dropping out of game development

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