3236 Meta launches Oculus Publishing label

Meta launches Oculus Publishing label

Tech and social media giant Meta has finally given a name to its third-party VR publishing business.

In a blog post on its website, the firm revealed that it has branded this division as Oculus Publishing. The venture is purely for the company’s third-party partners and acts as a sibling program to its Oculus Studios first-party outfit.

Oculus Publishing reports that it has contributed to over 300 titles since the Quest headset launched in 2019, adding that there are another 150 games in the works under the scheme.

The company claims that over $1.5 billion has been spent on games and apps from the Meta Quest Store, with 40 titles grossing over $10 million in revenue.

“It’s a thrilling past, a compelling present, and a bright future alongside our expanding friends and partners of Oculus Publishing,” Oculus Publishing’s head of content strategy, Aaron Davies, wrote.

This comes over a year after Facebook decided to retire the Oculus brand. That news came over a year after the company said that the Oculus name wasn’t going anywhere.

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