615 Mythic vets form new studio Loric Games

Mythic vets form new studio Loric Games

Veterans of Mythic Entertainment have created a new development studio called Loric Games.

The venture is headed up by Brian Johnson, Ray Soto and Rob Denton, who co-founded Mythic back in the day. During their careers, they have worked together on the likes of Ultima Online, Warhammer Online and Star Wars: The Old Republic. The studio’s first title is set to be announced in 2023, with Mythic saying that it is specialising in co-op survival-focused RPGs.

Mythic is being backed by Hiro Capital, though there’s no indication as to how much money has been put behind it.

“We’re building a game that’s more than just eating berries, punching trees, and building thatch huts. We all love playing games with heroic stories,” Johnson said.

“Through our long history of developing games, we’ve bought into the idea that good storytelling can set a game apart. The survival experience can be much more impactful with the right blend of story and open-world gameplay mechanics.”

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