2286 NCSoft West lays off a fifth of staff

NCSoft West lays off a fifth of staff

Publisher and developer NCSoft West has laid off 20 per cent of its staff earlier this week.

As reported by Venture Beat, there has been a huge cut in non-development staff at the company. CEO Jeffrey Anderson has also departed NCSoft West. It’s not clear how many people have been laid off, though NC Interactive has filed a WARN notice with Washington’s Employment Security Department indicating that 23 jobs have been cut.

“We can confirm that we laid off approximately 20% of NC West’s workforce today, primarily affecting non-game development positions, as part of a global realignment with our corporate headquarters in Korea,” a spokesperson said.

“The affected employees have been given severance and access to resources to help with job placement.”

They added: “Jeff decided that his time at NC had come to a conclusion, and we appreciate his efforts with us.”

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