1971 NetEase: Activision Blizzard deal extension proposal "rude and unreasonable"

NetEase: Activision Blizzard deal extension proposal “rude and unreasonable”

Chinese games giant NetEase has come out swinging against Activision Blizzard.

As reported by PCGamesN, the company has said that the six-month extension proposed by the World of Warcraft maker is “inappropriate,” as well as “rude and unreasonable, inappropriate and commercially illogical.”

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In case it was not obvious, NetEase turned down the partnership extension.

This comes as the 14-year distribution and publishing relationship between NetEase and Activision Blizzard concerning China comes to a close on January 23rd. the World of Warcraft maker is currently in the process of trying to find a new partner to operate in China with. 

“Last week, Blizzard re-sought NetEase with an offer of a so-called six-month extension of the game service and other conditions, and made it clear that it would not stop continuing negotiations with other potential partners during this extension,” NetEase said.

“As far as we know, Blizzard’s negotiations with other companies during the same period were all based on a three-year contract period. Considering the non-reciprocity, unfairness, and other strict conditions attached to the cooperation, the parties could not reach an agreement in the end.”

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