4622 Netflix and 2K vet Kvalo sets up new publisher

Netflix and 2K vet Kvalo sets up new publisher

Ben Kvalo has departed streaming giant Netflix to set up a brand new publisher.

As reported by VentureBeat, said company is currently still unnamed but is based in the Midwest United States.

Kvalo has worked in the games industry since 2011, when he joined 2K Games as operations coordinator for product development. He worked his way up the ranks to senior global project manager for marketing and special projects before departing the firm in 2017. He spent just over a year at Blizzard as a product manager for the company’s esports business, before joining Netflix as senior campaign operations manager, marketing the streaming giant’s films in 2018. Three years later, he moved to become lead project manager for the company’s burgeoning games business.

“We are a publisher looking to challenge the games industry by supporting underrepresented regions and under-supported developers. Diversifying ‘where’ games come from will change the fabric of the industry,” Kvalo said. “Great games can come from anywhere and we are out to prove that.”

He continued: “There’s a unique opportunity to tap into the Midwest as an emerging market with unlimited potential. Not only is Chicago the third largest city in America, but there are incredible developer hubs in Madison [Wisconsin], Columbus [Ohio], Minneapolis [Minnesota], Ann Arbor [Michigan] and more. At the moment, those developers lack funding and support to elevate their unique and incredible games to a new level. We aim to change that by providing funding, marketing and support.”

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