4014 Phoenix Labs cuts 9% of staff

Phoenix Labs cuts 9% of staff

Developer Phoenix Labs is laying off nine per cent of its staff.

The Dauntless maker confirmed the news to GI.biz, saying that the company was focusing on fewer projects. Going off LinkedIn, Phoenix Labs employs over 300 people, meaning that around 30 people will be losing their jobs. 

This news comes in the wake of Phoenix Labs conducting a buyout from its former parent company Garena. It’s entirely possible that these cuts have been made in the name of efficiency by the nameless investor that helped the studio conduct its MBO. 

“We recently evaluated all ongoing development projects within Phoenix Labs to determine our strongest path in terms of success and sustainability,” a rep for the company said.

“As a result of that evaluation, we felt the best way forward for the company was to focus on fewer development projects. This renewed focus offers the best opportunity for the success of Fae Farm and Dauntless, as well as the remaining unannounced titles in our portfolio.

“As part of the transition out of those projects, we worked diligently to find new assignments for as many employees as possible. While we succeeded in reassigning many people, there were cases where we had to part ways with some talented people. In total, about 9% of our total employees have been affected.

“In addition to severance and benefits coverage extensions, we’ve offered assistance for job placement in an effort to ease transition for all affected employees.”

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