2178 Roughly 40 Ubisoft Paris workers involved in last week's strike

Roughly 40 Ubisoft Paris workers involved in last week’s strike

Around 40 members of staff at Ubisoft’s Paris office went on strike last week.

As reported by Axios, workers gathered in the office’s cafeteria and discussed strategy as to what to do next to improve working conditions at the developer.

The strike was called for by French Union Solidarires Informatique, owing to remarks made by Ubisoft CEO and co-founder Yves Guillemot which appeared to shift the blame for game cancellations and poor sales onto staff. The group was calling for a 10 per cent increase in salary, as well as a move to the four-day working week.

In a meeting with staff since, Guillemot reportedly apologised for his remarks, while chief people officer Anika Grant rejected the request for a four-day work week.

“This strike has helped build the next strikes to come,” one attendee said.

“If Ubisoft management doesn’t want to hear from us, they might understand that it’s the workers who decide when games are released.”

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