468 There are over 6k Verified and Playable Steam Deck games

There are over 6k Verified and Playable Steam Deck games

Over 6,000 games are now rated as either Verified or Playable on Valve’s Steam Deck.

That’s according to data from SteamDBspotted by PCGamesN – which shows that 3,652 titles on Steam are marked as Playable on the platform, while a further 2,386 are down as Verified.

You might remember that about a year ago, Valve revealed how it was judging game performance on its Steam Deck hardware. Verified titles are ones that will work fine without any user tweaks, while Playable might require players to mess around with some settings to get them working properly.

On top of the over 6,000 games that are supported, there are a further 2,180 titles that are down as Unsupported on Steam Deck.

This doesn’t mean that the hardware’s library is limited to only 6,000 games; there are over 71,000 titles on Steam, some of which will work with Valve’s Steam Deck. The figure for Playable and Verified just means that their state has been checked.

Steam Deck was rolled out in February of this year, though has been held back by manufacturing limitations. These obstacles have now been removed and hardware is coming out to consumers quicker and without a long waiting period.

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