4809 There's a Dead Cells TV show on the way

There’s a Dead Cells TV show on the way

An animated television show based on indie hit Dead Cells is coming out soon.

As revealed by developer Motion Twin on Steam, the series is being created by French animation studio Bobbypills, the outfit behind the game’s trailer videos, and co-produced by French anime streaming service Animation Digital Network (ADN)

There are ten episodes on the way, clocking in at roughly seven minutes long each. Initially, these are going to be exclusive to France, though there are plans for a worldwide release.

“The show takes place on (surprise, surprise) a cursed island that has been racked by a strange plague,” Motion Twin wrote.

“After the island’s foolish king develops a remedy that ends up turning the population into monstrous creatures, prophecies depicting a flame-headed hero who will kill the crazy King begin to appear.

“As it so happens, this beheaded hero is real, but saving a kingdom isn’t on his schedule and he just wants to be left alone. Well, guess who isn’t going to be left alone.”

Dead Cells has shifted over 3.5 million copies since its 2017 Early Access release.

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