3043 Twitch CEO Shear steps down

Twitch CEO Shear steps down

The CEO of Twitch Emmett Shear is leaving his position after 12 years.

In a post on Twitter, the exec said that he was stepping away from the company to spend more time with his family after the birth of his first child. While he will no longer be Twitch’s CEO, he says he will be staying on in an advisory role.

Shear has been replaced by Twitch president Dan Clancy.

Shear has worked at the company since October 2006, back when it was Justin.tv. At the time he was chief tech officer, but was promoted to CEO of Twitch in 2011.

“It’s hard to put into words how much Twitch has been for me,” he wrote in a blog post.

“Twitch has been a place of community for streamers and viewers, but also for me. Twitch has been like my family, the place I’ve spent more of my waking hours than anywhere else. With the arrival of my son, the time has come for me to focus my energies on building that tiny little startup family, and I’m ready to dedicate my energies there. Twitch will always remain part of my extended family, a community where I grew in so many ways alongside Twitch itself.

“I’ve never had more confidence in Twitch’s leadership, in all our people, and in our product, than I do today. For many years I truly felt Twitch might die without my guidance and input, but I no longer feel that is true. I think in fact it’s exactly that growth which has allowed me to even consider the idea that I might not work at Twitch.”

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