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World of Tanks – massively multiplayer client online game in real-time arcade tank simulator genre in the historical setting of World War II, developed by the Belarusian studio Wargaming.net. The developers of the game is positioned as a massively multiplayer online game in the action genre with elements of role-playing, shooter and strategy. The concept of “World of Tanks”(World of Tanks) is based on team tank battles in PvP mode. Article World of Tanks: tips, tactics, experience – about the eal experiences of real players in the game.world of tanks tactics tips team combat

Before the start of the game, the player goes through the “Training Ground”, in which he learns the basic principles of the game. Then the player gets at his disposal one tank of the first level of 11 countries: USSR (MS-1), Germany (Leichttraktor), USA (T1 Cunningham), France (Renault FT), China (NC-31), Japan (Renault Otsu) , Czechoslovakia (KH.50), Sweden (Strv fm/21), Italy (Fiat 3000), Poland (4TP) and Great Britain (Cruiser Mk.1) are all light tanks, but prior to update 1.9, the British Tier 1 tank was medium tank Vickers Medium Mark I (in patch 1.9 it was transferred to the status of a collector), with a fully trained crew.

By participating in battles, the player earns silver (game currency), trains the crew and accumulates experience points to gain access to new modules and combat vehicles. Each armored vehicle model has a number of modules — a gun, a turret, a running gear, an engine, and a radio station — that can be replaced with more advanced models. Equipment upgrades are made in the “hangar” in between battles. “Silver” is spent on the repair of a damaged tank, the purchase of ammunition, consumables and additional equipment; they also purchase improved components and new combat vehicles. Unused equipment, ammunition and tanks can be disposed of for half their original cost. In the future, it is planned to introduce the possibility of in-game trading between playersStandard fight In this type of battle, each team has its own base.

The task of the players is to destroy all enemy equipment or capture his base within 15 minutes. Storm In this mode, there is a base on the map that belongs to the defending team. The attacking team must capture the base or destroy all enemy vehicles. The defending team must hold out for 10 minutes and prevent the capture of their base. Meeting engagement In battles of this type, there is one neutral base on the map.

Teams of players appear in the opposite parts of the map from the base. The key goal is to capture a neutral base or destroy all enemy vehicles. If the cars of both teams are in the base capture circle at the same time, neither team will capture the base. pitched battle Grand Battle is a special game mode in which 60 players (30 vs 30) are fighting on the map at the same time.

Battles take place on larger maps, designed specifically for the growth in the number of players. Only Tier X vehicles are allowed to participate in the mode. Front line This mode was first introduced in 2018 as part of a limited-time in-game event. In it, players fight in Tier VIII vehicles in a 30v30 format. Each team has its own task: The attacking team must break through the enemy defenses and destroy at least 3 out of 5 large-caliber guns on its territory.

For capturing points, the attacking team receives additional time to complete the main task. The task of the defending team is to hold back the enemy forces until the battle time runs out. Unlike other modes, there is a respawn mechanic here that allows the player to return to battle some time after their vehicle has been destroyed. If the player’s car was destroyed, he can choose another one and return to the battle on it, or wait until the destroyed car becomes available again.

In early 2019, the mode returned to the game in a slightly modified format. Instead of a week-long event, in 2019 the Front Line season lasted 10 months – from February to November. Each month, the mode was available for one week. Ranked battles Ranked Battles is a seasonal mode built according to the rules of Standard Battle. Teams in this mode are selected based on the rank of the players, and only Tier X vehicles are available for the game.

Players start at rank 0, however, at the end of each battle, they can receive chevrons depending on the earned “clean” experience. Moving up the ranks, the player goes through divisions and can get into one or another prize league. Team fights With Update 9.4, Team Battles appeared in the game, which took place in the 7/54 format. Each team had 7 players, and Tier VI, VII, and VIII vehicles were available for the game.

The sum of the levels of all cars in the team should not exceed 54 points. For example, a team could consist of six Tier VIII vehicles and one Tier VI vehicle. Team Battles were removed from the game on August 6, 2019. Training fight In this mode, players (at least two) can create their own rooms and choose any map to play. Here, players do not earn experience and credits in battle, and although vehicle repairs are free, you must pay to replenish equipment and ammunition. In this mode, players can experiment with different game mechanics, explore maps, plan combat and strategy, and train new players.

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